10 hours ago
Ravencoin is open source and decentralized.

No person or party has the ability to censor any token or transaction on the network.
21 hours ago
It takes five minutes to issue a secure token using the Ravencoin protocol.

1) Download a wallet for your desktop

2) In the “assets” tab click “create asset”. Chose supply rules & a unique asset name.

3) Confirm & burn 500 RVN.

Your asset is live.
2 days ago
Ravencoin is an all volunteer, security-focused project.

No central party has messaging to make things “look good”.

The independent developers and designers building Ravencoin have incentive to find security risks.

Each network user works to build and secure a strong network.
3 days ago
The fixed supply, halving schedule & issuance of Ravencoin is the same as Bitcoin other than two factors:
1) the primary accounting unit (one Ravencoin) is 1000x, so total supply is 21bn not 21mm
2) the issuance for halvings and block rewards are adjusted for one minute blocks
4 days ago
There is a large, robust group of developers and other volunteers on Telegram, Discord and various forums. There is no official group. Anyone can create a group or MeetUp.
A list is available at this website is curated by volunteers on Github/RavenProject
5 days ago
The Ravencoin qt wallet is based on a fork of the well tested Bitcoin qt wallet.

This now has asset creation and management tools.

Paper wallets, recovery phrases and other security features are included.

It is recommended that you control your own wallet and private keys.
2 hours ago
I can’t even express how much I love this industry.❤️

It is endlessly fascinating.

Maybe my own specific life path has made it even more amazing to me.

Amazing it is, either way.

I really mean this: whoever you are, I hope you find something as fulfilling as this is for me.🙏
5 hours ago
Geek chaos cypherpunk heaven. Let it burn. Build better tech. Nothing can stop it.
12 hours ago
An asset is a token created using the Ravencoin protocol.

Assets can be game tokens, securities tokens or whatever users want.

Names are unique. Owners control token #, issuance & supply.

Control of tokens is by private key.

It’s easy to create a new asset. It burns 500 RVN.
12 hours ago
When the market drops, put your head down and build.
20 hours ago
If you love an investment so much that it becomes your identity, you lose objectivity. Careful.

Due diligence is ongoing. Always question. Don’t serve an investment, control it.

If you become a cheerleader & servant to your investment you won’t notice when turns on you.
2 days ago
My talk at Texas Bitcoin Conference a couple weeks ago is one of my last conferences or events for a while.

I’ll do more videos, remote media and host some local meetups in Seacoast NH, Portsmouth or nearby.
6 hours ago
“Once any #blockchain application is embraced in sufficient numbers by both the using and accepting sides, the impressive software will become an invaluable and ubiquitous tool.” -Medici Ventures’ @JJohnsonNow
1 day ago
Turning cash into digital asset: #portco @bitsydotcom’s platform is an easy on-ramp to #crypto, and their beta app is now live.
1 day ago
Seagate is now using #blockchain to reduce hard drive counterfeiting and prove authenticity. #tech
1 day ago
Three partner banks in Spain have completed the first syndicated loan on the #blockchain. #finance

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