9 hours ago
Securities tokens are a popular concept now.

Project Raven focused on this use case a long time ago.

This has helped build a strong network and strong protocol.

RVN is supported by those who believe in an open, permissionless base layer protocol.
19 hours ago
Hi Exchange execs!👋

RVN is all volunteer so no one will market, pay a fee or call you, but you are welcome to list RVN!

- #38 on 30 day vol
- #19 marketcap of mineable coins, #58 overall
- top 5 growth for 1 yr & ytd
- 💪 network growth
- 9.5 TH/s hashrate
- permissionless
2 days ago
Raven was code forked from Bitcoin, influenced by Counterparty / Omni & Ethereum and is designed to work with thousands of tokens & assets ranging from gold to real estate to stocks, game tokens or rewards and other uses.

The protocol is open for you to use and the code is free!
2 days ago
raven was building for securities tokens before it was cool
11 hours ago
Ravencoin’s hash rate is over 10 TH/s & exceeds Ethereum Classic.
18 hours ago
Don’t forget, there’s a good chance that a whole mess of projects are still going to be categorized as securities and illegal offerings.

Many coins which are already down 90% could be further hammered once they end up in legal trouble with the SEC.

Continue to Avoid! (sorry!)
2 days ago
The WORLD! 🌎 🌏

Excellent place
Good people 👍
Great food
Love that place ❤️
Lots of good friends there
Let’s tokenize all the stuff
2 days ago
Five Things to Work on With Digitial Securities
2 days ago
This article covers a lot of what we are doing at Medici Ventures and tZERO.

The markets are changing. The world is changing.

It’s an amazing time to be building.
2 days ago
Stocks are great.
The whole world would be very different without them.
Not nearly as good.
Few things have improved humanity as much as the invention of stocks. It’s created jobs, innovation and quality of life improvements like nothing else.
We can make them work even better.
15 hours ago
“The addition of Bankorus to our portfolio of companies will further our work in building the foundation of a #blockchain-based #technology stack for society.” - @JJohnsonnow, president, Medici Ventures
2 days ago
Medici Ventures' President @jjohnsonnow moderated a panel on the future of #blockchain #voting at the #DCBlockchain Summit. Watch the full video below. @realmikeallman @talkhardbeheard @yenhwas
6 days ago
" @Voatz, the #blockchain-based voting app, gets another vote of confidence as Denver agrees to try it." #portco
6 days ago
#Portco @BittGlobal is partnering with the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank to pilot a #blockchain-based central bank digital currency, supporting the ECCB's goal of bringing stability to the financial sector & boosting development of ECCU countries.
1 week ago
We're heading Down Under for the ADC Global #Blockchain Summit in Adelaide, Australia, where @OverstockCEO Patrick Byrne will give a keynote on March 18. Tickets are still available. #adcblockchain2019 @ADC_Forum

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