1 day ago
A great way to learn about Project Raven is to download your wallet.

(Link below, direct to the binaries)

Your wallet allows you to:

- View balances
- Send & receive RVN
- Create, issue, move & manage digital assets
- Mine/ interface with pool software
3 days ago
The Ravencoin protocol is designed to serve as an easy to use and secure base layer for many use cases including securities.

Other applications include many other areas such as rewards, gaming and in game items and currencies.
3 days ago
Reminder: Ravencoin is mineable by proof of work mining.

This is the only way coins are issued.

If you want to help secure the network, learn about mining, or compete for block rewards there are several instructional videos which explain how to mine & join a pool.
6 days ago
The 2nd Salt Lake City Ravencoin Meetup is on Friday, March 15th, 2019.

Speakers include the most active Ravencoin developers. Topics will cover technical developments for the Raven Project.

Cost: Free
All are welcome.
2 weeks ago
Great video illustrating how Ravencoin, asset issuance & ipfs can be combined and used to help verify history / provenance of real world physical items.

Because the blockchain is decentralized it enables data to live on independently of ledger managers.
2 weeks ago
The Ravencoin protocol does NOT include any compliance, AML, KYC or similar features.

The protocol does NOT recognize a security or securities tokens or any regulatory framework.

This is not and has not ever been a part of the roadmap. Compliance functions are all second layer.
8 hours ago
Offerings by blockchain cos won’t be enough to support a significant securities token ecosystem. The market is still too small.

Digital Securities will need to include other types of tech co’s, non tech, brick & mortar & bonds etc.

Key will be:
18 hours ago
1) wow
2) lots of newcomers
3) lots of smart people
4) most will get rekt
5) some will thrive
20 hours ago
If my thesis on digitial securities is right, this will happen again.

We could see a rapid and ridiculous rise in new listings and the emergence of a new global market.

With that will come lots of hype and overvalued projects. But when the dust settles it’s overall growth.
1 day ago
All that ICO money could have gone towards research for Brie cheese without the waxy crust.

Such a wasted opportunity.
2 days ago
Sorry to hammer on this. It’s important. The press won’t cover it.

The media didn’t just lie — they lied 1) massively
2) purposely
3) to create division
4) to further a political narrative because they dislike Trump’s election


Only we can hold media accountable.
Melissa A. @TheRightMelissa
Watch as grown men verbally abuse children & threaten them with violence.

“Look at all these Dirty A** Crackers with red hats”
“coon A** Ni*ger” “fa*gots” “dykes” “dirty animals”

The Evil Media then edits this out &frames the children as the horrible evil racists
Beyond E.V.I.L
2 days ago
Patrick Byrne keynoted the North American #Bitcoin Conference, discussing the launch of @tzeroblockchain and how #blockchain tech will allow for the building of a “ #tech stack for civilization.” Watch his full speech here:
4 days ago
It's official: portco @tzeroblockchain's security token trading platform is set to go live by the end of next week.
1 week ago
tZERO has received a patent for a #crypto integration platform for trading digital assets. #portco @tzeroblockchain
2 weeks ago
From paper to #blockchain: Teton County, Wyoming, will work with Medici Land Governance to put its land registry on a distributed ledger.
2 weeks ago
#Blockchain could reduce cost in the EV landscape by enabling manufacturers to track materials from the source, reducing costs and counterfeits.
2 weeks ago
Paying taxes in #crypto? @Overstock is set to pay a portion of its Ohio business tax in #Bitcoin.

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