1 day ago
There are only 8 coins with positive performance for the year.

Only 2 have no premine, fundraise or ICO: BTC & RVN.

This means some people have economic interest in a fair launched & open source project.

The past performance obviously doesn’t indicate the future. Be cautious.
1 day ago
If you see Zuckerberg in the elevator today say:

“Globalcoin? Do you even money bro?”

Then when Zuck starts to reply say “By the way, you should try the Ravencoin wallet. Create sample assets. Mine. Mess around. It’s a decentralized open source asset creation protocol. Do it.”
1 day ago
Coolest. Art. Ever.
Ravencoin photo
Jonathan the Designer🎨💻 @custom_jonathan
"Tengu, CJ Bloomer, #cryptoprint"
10/10 available

Check out this badass piece that one of the NVRMOR artists created. Going for $20 (usd, #eth, or #btc) or 290 $RVN.

See the token here:

#tech #tengu #customart #innovation #ravencoin #eth
36 minutes ago
brucefenton photo
Kane @kane
Spotted in Noe Valley (ht @kevinakwok)

Looks like I’m spending my Saturday morning heckling some maliciously ignorant neighbors ☕️
10 hours ago
I think technicall analysis for Bitcoin is silly.

There is really only one binary play: is Bitcoin real or is it a mirage.

If you believe Bitcoin will eventually be higher then have exposure, if not, don’t. Trying to time in the short term is a losers game.

So is trading.
1 day ago
DMs open now for the first time ever!!!

Bring it.
1 day ago
If you have a Series 7 and an active client base and are interested in a career change and cutting edge fin tech, I would love to talk.
1 day ago
For years people have asked “what is Bitcoin backed by”.

I suppose one answer is fanatics.

It’s backed by fanatics.

It’s backed by an army of people who 1) believe it has value 2) will defend it to the death.

That’s not bad. Better than “backed by promises of politicians”.
2 days ago
Bitcoin doesn’t have an iron throne for anyone to sit on.
1 day ago
Can #blockchain-based mobile voting help improve the democratic process? Experts weighed in at the #DCBlockchain Summit. @jjohnsonnow @Voatz
2 days ago
“Young entrepreneurs who cut their teeth on the leadership at Qualtrics, Pluralsight, and Domo will be leaders in the next generation of successful tech startups on Silicon Slopes.” Our President, @JJohnsonNow, weighs in on Utah's tech legacy
2 days ago
Work from @SettleMintCom for the Indonesian elections shows how valuable #blockchain technology can be in large scale elections
3 days ago
Work from @SettleMint for the Indonesian elections shows how valuable #blockchain technology can be in large scale elections
3 days ago
As part of the @BerkeleyHaas Dean Speaker Series, our President @jjohnsonnow recently spoke with Holly Schroth, Ph.D. about his #leadership style and best practices of leading through change in the fast-paced world of #blockchain.
4 days ago
#Cryptocurrency exchange and technology platform, @BittrexExchange, will now be using @IdentityMind's Digital Identities Platform for automated Transaction Monitoring as a core function of its #AML program

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