I follow the Ravencoin Project and its growing Community since April 2018.

Despite at first glance a bit abstract, the project sounds very promising. This Open Source Project takes shape quickly, its community is growing fast (Github, Reddit, Bitcointalk Forum, Discord, Telegram).

The Ravencoin project certainly belongs to WEB 3.0. It could even rank high in the next few years on the Crypto Market and certainly compete ETH and its ERC Tokens … Well time will tell.

I have decided to maintain this website to keep track of events related to the Ravencoin development.

Events can be directly related to Ravencoin like Testnet or informations coming directly from the Dev team; but events can also be indirect, simply related to Securities and Assets in the blockchain for example.

The Timeline will never contains all the informations related to Ravencoin, but only the one I find helpful to understand Ravencoin and its development.

Another Online Ravencoin Timeline is online, but it is not up to date and it does not contain the informations that I think the Community would appreciate to find.

If you think a card should be added to the Timeline, please do not hesitate to drop me a message on Telegram (@GL29PA) or via the Contact form.

Finally, please note the website does not contain any financial or investment advice. It just contains informations related to blockchain and more especially to Ravencoin, but it isn’t meant to encourage anyone to invest in any cryptocurrency.


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